Discussion Series on Education Reforms Series Objective:   To strengthen the participation of an informed civil society in education reforms Series Number:      3 Topic                     Decentralization of Education:  What form and shape will enable a better education for children? Date and Time:     November 29, 3:30 -5.30 p. (begins sharply at 3:30) Place:                     Sri Lanka Foundation Institute, 100, Independence Avenue, Colombo 0700  Medium                 Primarily in Sinhala (Tamil translations provided as necessary)  Agenda                  3:30 – 3:40   Introduction                               3:40 – 5:30   Presentations Panel (10 minutes each) §         School Principals (2-3) §         Provincial representative §        Ministry Representative                                            5:30 – 5:45   Questions to Presenters                               5:45 – 6:30   Structured Discussion with inputs from Teachers Associations, Past Pupils and education foundations and NGOs §         Curriculum, delivery and evaluations §         Human resources (deployment, training and recognition) §         Financial and material resources (including text books and uniforms) For more information or suggestions please contact the coordinator, Dr. Sujata Gamage, at coord@educationforum.
From the Education Forum to school toilets by Dr. G. Usvatte-aratchi (reproduced from the Island, Nov 21 2007, Midweek Review) No, nothing funny happened on my way to the Forum. Yet, November 15th was a bad day for me, as I attended the Education Forum, called forth by Dr. Sujata Gamage, at the Sri Lanka Foundation Institute, which I interrupted to attend, to hear Jayantha Dhanapala, a brilliant man of our times and place, address us on the good work of the United Nations.

Economics Week at University Kelaniya

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University of Kelaniya is holding its economics week from November 25th-December 02. The announcement appeared in Lankadeepa but not in the Engish newspapers. There’ll be much to see and do. Seminars, book launches, exhibitions of students; outputs and even a musical show. You may call Prof.

How much time you study?

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IT IS a common misperception that students are work-shy layabouts. According to figures collected in Europe, Portuguese students are the most academically assiduous, spending over 40 hours a week at lectures and in the library. And even English students in higher education, seemingly the least likely to flick through a recommended text, put in over 25 hours a week. Yet an element of doubt remains. The estimates of working hours were supplied by students themselves, who may have considered time spent in the college bar as indistinguishable from any other period of study.

Children beaten for requesting books

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We reproduce the following story not purely for its news value, but it is a good starting point for a discussion on the differences in the aspirations of children and their parents on education. Things have changes dramatically from 1930s and 40s but do we still have to remind parents about the importance? ___________________________________________ Two school girls aged 11 and 9, assaulted by their drunken father, were admitted to Karapitiya Hospital. The father had beaten and kicked the girls when they asked for money to buy exercise books. The mother of the injured girls Roshini Sandanam made a complaint to the Yakkalamulla Police, who promptly took the father Kathiresan Subramaniam into custody and produced him before the Baddegama Magistrate.
You have been complaining about the state of education. Here is a chance to do something. Come to the Education Reform Discussions Series #2 on Nov 15, 3:30-5:30 at the Sri Lanka Foundation Institute to get the basics.The President has instructed the ministry of education to drafta new Act and the ministry has appointed an expert committee. If you just sit there and do nothing, the expert will give their opinions, but the politicians and officials will not have what it takes to follow through and we will be back at square one, with the supreme court making education policy and regulation.
A National Committee will be tasked with formulating a new education system that would cater to the present demands and a development oriented outlook. On President Mahinda Rajapaksa’s direction, Education Minister Susil Premajayantha has entrusted the formulation of a new Education Act for General Education in Sri Lanka to this National Committee to overhaul the outdated education set up and replace it with a system that keeps pace with the developing trends. The current education system was formulated under the provision of Education Ordinance No. 31 of 1939. This is now outdated and obsolete and does not cater to modern requirements.
University students of Sabaragamuwa yesterday protested in Colombo demanding the reopening of the university.

Technology College for Jaffna

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THE construction of the College of Technology in Jaffna will be completed in February, the Vocational and Technical Training Ministry said. The facility is being built with Korean aid at a cost of Rs. 233 million. The College of Technology in Jaffna is one of the most successful projects in the North initiated by the Government, a Ministry spokesman said. “Construction will be completed without any delay,” he said.
THE Government will recruit 12,854 graduates to the teacher service to quell the prevailing teacher service on the directive of President Mahinda Rajapaksa, said State Revenue and Finance Minister Ranjith Siyambalapitiya. The Minister was addressing the media at the Ministry recently. Over two thousand graduates who have undergone training under the Tharuna Aruna third programme will receive teaching appointments by January 01 next year. In addition, 10,766 graduates will be posted to National and Provincial Schools as teachers. 1,507 graduates will be appointed to National Schools while 9,259 graduates will be posted to Provincial Schools.