Beyond Literacy: A Wish-list for Sri Lanka

September 8th, 2005 · Posted By Sujata Gamage · 12 Comments

Today, September 08, is World Literacy Day. According to the UNDP’s definition, literacy rate is the percentage of people aged 15 and above who can, with understanding, both read and write a short, simple statement about their everyday life. In Sri Lanka we currently enjoy a literacy rate of over 96% , higher than that expected for a country with our income level. We have enjoyed high literacy rates for sometime. The question is why we have not moved much beyond basic literacy. Sri Lanka is small country with a high population density. Our natural resource endowments are grossly exaggerated….

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StudySriLanka Page

August 10th, 2005 · Posted By Sujata Gamage · 6 Comments

What should the Ed forum do next? We have so many options. Our recent seminar on Year-1 Admissions alone pointed us in several directions. Then the President decreed that henceforth all tertiary education institutions shall be reviewed by the government. That’s good, but quality assurance of education is too important to be left to government. In quality assurance in education, typically, government agencies and civil society organizations play complementary roles (more on that later). Therefore, at this point, the Education forum will focus its energies on collecting information and ranking education choices for school leavers, and disseminating the information widely….

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Uva-Wellassa University

August 7th, 2005 · Posted By Sujata Gamage · 35 Comments

A University for Uva Wellassa, the 14th university in Sri Lanka’s public university system, was opened on August 7. To the average citizen who pays for these ventures through every purchase he/she makes (except milk powder and LPG, as of yesterday) this is a not so joyous birth of a 14th child to a public university family with 13 other mouths to feed. (One interesting development is the appointment of a non-academic to the Vice-Chancellor position, more on that later). Our universities are short on everything. Short on resources and short on talent, both academic and managerial. We should be…

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Choices at 16+

June 21st, 2005 · Posted By Sujata Gamage · 7 Comments

Choices in education and training for school leavers have increased significantly due to increasing private investments in this area but there is very little comparative information on the quality of these opportunities or the accssibility of these opportunities to capable students who can not afford to pay. Could this be a thrust area for the forum?

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Year 1 Admissions

May 24th, 2005 · Posted By Sujata Gamage · 66 Comments

Getting a child into Year 1 of school, government or private has become a traumatic and unpleasant event. Central government does not have to be the solver of all problems. How have individual schools, provincial authorities, civil society organizations or the private sector responded to the crisis? What can we learn from them? What else can be done? What regulatory measures will make these efforts successful? Rohan Samarajiva gives a view point. Respond to him or post your own comment here.

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