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Arseculeratne, SN

  • Establishing a Tradition of Scientific Research in Sri Lanka. Second Professor ST Fernando Memorial Lecture

Banadaranayake, Senake

  • Turning the Century: Reflections on University Education and Research in Sri Lanka


  • Ministry Of Youth Affairs and Skills Development (2014). Youth & Development: Realizing the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) for Sri Lankan Youth

Fernando, JNO

  • Whither University Education in Sri lanka?. Sixth Professor Sivapathasunderam Memorial Lecture, 2004.

Gamage, Sujata
Consultancy Reports/Outputs:

  • Corporate plan, University Grants Commission, 2003-2008
  • Faculty Quality Report 2004/5 For Faculties of Humanities and Social Sciences in the Public University System of Sri Lanka (2006, March)
  • Quality through Global Connectedness: Benchmarks and Strategies for Universities in Small Developing Countries,Technical Report of the Project funded by the Research on Knowledge Systems (RoKS) Program at the International Development Research Center (IDRC) of Canada (2006, February)
  • Universities as Knowledge Institutions in Linking Knowledge to Innovation in the Economy and Society: The Role of Universities in Asia. Proceedings of the seminar on K4D, Colombo, Sri Lanka. January 25, 2007, pages 4-17 (See K2I_Report_Jan2007)

Journal Articles:


From Capacity to Presence: Research on Information and Communication Technology Infrastructure Reform in the Internet Age

Accepted for publication in Information Technology and International Development, MIT Press.

Invited lectures/Articles:

  • Science & Technology Inputs to Information and Communication Infrastructure Development, NASTEC, 2002 (with Rohan Samarajiva)
  • Tertiary and Vocational Education-A Fresh Approach, Marie Musaeus Higgins-Peter de Abrew Memorial Lecture, Musaeus College, Colombo, August 1, 2003
  • From Provider to Facilitator: A New Role for government in Tertiary Education, Public Seminar Series-1, Sri Lanka Economics Association, Colombo, October 10, 2003
  • Post-graduate Research in the Context of New norms of Scholarship, University Grants Commisison Seminar Series, 2004
  • Need for a Ranking of Higher Education Programs in Sri Lanka, Student Times, December 2005
  • Choices and Second Chances: Private IT Education in Sri Lanka, Published in iTIMES, Wijeya Publications, Sri lanka, June 2006 (IT_Degrees_Sri Lanka_2005)

Gunawardena, Chandra

Gunawardene, Nalaka

Jayaweera, Swarna

Nanayakkara, Thrishantha

Samarajeewa, Upali

  • Research and Research Training in Sri Lanka, 1991-2000, University Grant Commission, Colombo, Sri Lanka, 2003

Usvatta-aratchi, G

  • Sarasvati Meets Lakshmi: Education meets the market. Fourteenth JE Jayasuriya Memorail Lecture, 13 February 2004
  • What are Universities for?. Professor Sirisena Tilakaratne Memorial Oration. 2004

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